Your Okeechobee Bass Fishing Guide

Yea, I fished with Capt. Butch: the Okeechobee Fishing Guide.


Your Okeechobee Bass Fishing Guide

The success of your Okeechobee fishing trip depends on many things; weather conditions, water temperature, where to go, what equipment to use, when to use certain baits, and how to use these baits. The one most important asset in the success of any fishing trip is the knowledge of the guide and the area being fished.

We provide the expertise. Your Okeechobee Fishing guide is a licensed professional bass fishing guide with a wealth of knowledge about fish patterns on Lake Okeechobee and South Florida Lakes and Streams. He is experienced in fish behavior, fishing equipment, the waters and the area being fished, and almost anything else to do with bass fishing. The Okeechobee Fishing Guide will make every effort to find the fish that you are seeking. His knowledge is at your disposal. Your fishing guide will also know the daily weather conditions and be alert to any changes in the weather.

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guide


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